Accelerometer support on AppSurfer! :)

We have nailed the accelerometer this time. Another step forward in user experience, we now support apps which require accelerometer in their app. Simulating the touch, or a rotation gesture was relatively easy. But to simulate the various positions of the phone in the browser was a challenge. To give the accelerometer experience in the browser required some effort on our part.



The circular icon in the right corner opens up the accelerometer frame. The hands fit around the phone to give the feel of the hands being used to rotate the phone. The click and the drag in respective direction rotates the phone in that direction. 

The support for accelerometer was another great feedback from our well wishers. We are thankful for your suggestions and great feature requests. Keep pouring in your love and help us get better. Not to undermine our devs, they have consistently come up with innovative user experiences for our users.

Try Doodle Jump on AppSurfer.

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  • Prasadpkorhale

    Thats an awesome feature to have. ..!

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