We had launched app demoing tools 1.5 years back. Over this period we have continuously improved the app demoing feature and tried to make it grow. We have received 8000+ android developers signups across the globe and ran half a million app demos till now. But looking at the data and trends, we have finally decided to turn off the app demoing feature.

If you have publisher account, what this means to you -


  1. App demoing tools i.e. app widgets, promotional pages and feedback pages will stop working from 15th of February for free users.
  2. For paid users, service will be operational till the end of billing cycle or 15th February, whichever is later.
  3. All publisher accounts will be deactivated on 15th February 2014.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you with the closure of the app demoing feature.

We have built an unique technology stack and it has many compelling usages. We have seen promising results with ‘Interactive app advertising’ offering and it would be going to continue. Also we are cooking something interesting and will be launching it shortly.

Thanks for your support!

Demonstrating an app with localized setting (geography, language etc) is consistently requested by our developer base. We value it and so rolling out a feature to enable demoing of app in local languages.

Now apps can be demonstrated to the users in localized environment of device. You set a locale for your app and AppSurfer will run the app using the provided locale.

Here are the ways to set locale for you app - 

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GPU support has been a long standing request from our developer community. We have worked hard to get it integrated with our platform, and get it right. We are now proud to release, GPU support for OpenGl 2.0 based applications.

We have come up with an innovative solution to optimize the performance with GPU and keep the costs in check. Having GPU backed apps, makes the whole thing that much more resource intensive. Hence, we have built a dual system. We have a direct GPU support, backed by AWS G2 instances for 3D games with high performance needs. In addition we have a cost effective graphics support with a ‘Software Renderer’. This keeps the application costs low while keeping an optimum performance.

The support is automatically enabled for all existing applications. If you have an OpenGl2.0 based app, now is a good time to put it on AppSurfer.


1. Currently GPU support is enabled for Phone sizes, tablet widget sizes don’t support GPU for the time being. This support will be rolled out in coming weeks.

Time and again we have been irritated by the way ads are presented in mobile apps. Static content like screenshots, banners and one way communication like video are the core issues in these ads. Humans prefer content that is interactive and immersive. We respond better if we are involved in the action. But currently mobile app install ads are neither interactive nor engaging. Do you know that 88% of people don’t find ads as engaging and continuously decreasing ROI in ad market reflects the same.

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We have put our efforts in making more and more apps compatible with AppSurfer. We have supported Google Maps V1, native code , accelerometer so that more and more apps in different categories become compatible with our platform. All this while we have added incremental performance updates over the last one year. Now we had reached stage where we needed a breakthrough performance improvement for the app widgets. 

So we set out to rethink entire graphics delivery stack with these goals -

  • Apps should run with minimum of 10 FPS performance, on 800kbps + connections.
  • Minimize the bandwidth consumed in by the widgets.

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We primarily engage with android app developers and related ecosystem. Time and again, we have had requests for customization’s, tweaks, and little changes. But as a product, we have our own plans and roadmap.

We believe that ‘Android on the Cloud’ can have very many use cases and multiple markets. We want entrepreneurs and innovators out there to explore these opportunities. Many existing businesses can leverage our technology for their specific needs.

So now, we are opening up our platform and our unique, ‘Cloud based Android’ stack to the world. We are launching our own API, through which you could leverage our technology and platform, to build your own innovative ideas.

Head to AppSurfer API for more details. See Programr for a live integration of AppSurfer’s API. Here is API documentation.

Shoot a mail at amit@rainingclouds.com for any queries.

Having worked in a number of companies over the years, my urge for knowing about UI/UX has come and stopped at an ironical thought. “The more i know about UI/UX the more i realise that i know so little”. To keep learning more and to keep myself on my toes I couldn’t let go of an opportunity to work in a startup. The first day itself I was handed the most important aspect of AppSurfer – the App Trial Widget. 

Since then, I have changed the App Trial widget, learning to make it better with each version. And yet I am far from perfect. Before i came to AppSurfer the existing widget then(version 1), as shown was limited and far from polished. The first thought that struck me was it was far from being a real phone. It was a nice mockup of an android phone but still a mockup. So I came up with version 2 for the App Trial widget as shown.

V001 (1)

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As a child how many times have you experienced the euphoria of untangling a knotted rope, of removing that candy stuck in your tooth, of trying to remove the mango on the neighbour’s tree using your catapult. These activities have given us immense joy and as children we have learnt from each untangled knot, each stone thrown at the mango tree. Last week we experienced a similar euphoria when we performed a vital survey. That survey helped us realise our way forward. Our intuitions were backed by the responses we received from our customers.

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